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Just because you were diagnosed with herpes, it does not mean that life has come to a standstill. HSV is a manageable condition. Statistics show that 67% of the population within the age bracket of 14-50 years are people with HSV. This basically means that 1 out of every 6 people you meet on the street are living with herpes. Most of these are single and are looking for a relationship.

www.hsvdating.biz is here to offer a platform where HSV singles and other people with HSV can meet and interact openly without fear of public judgment and consequently date the right person.If you are diagnosed with herpes and you are finding it difficult to date then you are on the right place. HSVDating is made for people like you to get a chance to meet other people with herpes, interact with them, relate with them and find friends and potential partners.

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We strive hard to give our users a unique platform where they can feel like home. This site is only for people with HSV looking love and friendship, so you don't have to worry about being rejected as everyone on in here are on the same boat that you are in.


This is closed dating platform, a community of people living with HSV and who are seriously looking for lifetime partners or friendship. We have thousands of subscribers thus there is a date for you, whether you are looking for a man or woman. We have strict policies that restrict sharing of our subscribers' information with any other third-party platforms. All members of who join this HSV dating site are aware that herpes is a manageable and curable condition. Thus no one is going to judge or discriminate you based on the fact that you dating with herpes. HSVDATING is the best HSV dating site. This is because apart from bringing this community of people with HSV together, the site goes an extra mile to provide educative information on facts about HSV condition so as to demystify various myths that are normally ingrained in various people minds. HSVDATING.BIZ also offers more information on how to treat people with HSV. The site does this by providing links to various reliable sites as well as well researched files found on the internet that gives reliable facts and not myths.


HSVDATING.BIZ employs are very explicit and user-friendly interface. The interface is really interactive with the user. Once you open the site, the homepage will smoothly direct you to the right place. This means if you were opening the site to get information about herpes condition you will be directed to the informative materials. Similarly, if you are HSV single and looking for an awesome partner, the interface will prompt you to subscribe by capturing your details. Once you are registered, the system will allow you to view thousands of other HSV singles profiles. It is also automated to suggest some perfect match based on a number of parameters with 93% accuracy.


HSVDATING.BIZ really cares about your privacy, therefore it does not force one to give out information he or she is not comfortable with.

HSVDating is a dating site for HSV people looking for dating and support, find local herpes singles for friendship and more near you. Sign Up Now! and Chat instantly.

Your privacy is our 1st priority, so you are not required to share any of the information that you feel you are not comfortable with. All of your personal information is private and safe until you want to take things further.